Guide to the Vegetarian Food Pyramid

Being a vegetarian means facing greater challenges in providing enough nutrients to your body. Health care specialists have actually created a vegetarian food pyramid that helps vegetarians pinpoint the foods they should eat to maintain good health. Vegan or not, every person can take some lessons from the guide.

The pyramid was developed by Arizona State University researchers and, like the omnivorous food pyramid, comprises 5 layers. Naturally, dairy and meat products are omitted from the vegetarian version. Instead, it contains whole grains, protein foods, nuts and seeds, vegetables and fruits as well as oils a vegetarian should consume. Even though it’s a healthier lifestyle choice, going vegetarian doesn’t mean a person is free from portion control measures, especially if they’re overweight.

In medicine, there is no magic bullet or panacea that can cure all that ails mankind. Similarly, vegetarians shouldn’t rely on just one type of food to provide all the nutrients they require. In fact, constantly consuming the same sort of food every single day can precipitate food sensitivity and allergy issues. The vegetarian food pyramid helps in this respect by providing a variety of choices and combinations for a vegetarian to choose from.

Aside from sensible portion control, being vegetarian doesn’t mean dooming oneself to a lifetime of bland rabbit food. Vegetables and grains can be cooked and prepared in a variety of interesting and tasty ways. The first step to take is to practice on vegetarian foods that are more familiar before branching out to try something more adventurous. Consider peanuts a stepping stone to Tempe, the fermented soybean patty that is a good source of protein.

The vegetarian food pyramid is only a guideline for a different lifestyle. For novices, it’s best to take things slowly and sensibly. Do as much reading on the subject as you can and you might surprise yourself with the recipes you eventually come up with!

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